Brand 9

Website Creation, Management and Maintenance

Brand 9 will create, manage and maintain a great website for your business, helping you to attract more clients.

But not only do we create great websites that appeal to users; we manage and maintain it too – leaving you to focus on what you’re good at.

​​Brand 9 will constantly tweak, amend, and update your website and work behind the scenes;

  • Amending keywords
  • Making submissions to Google
  • Back-linking,
  • Website linking,
  • Revision or changing of website meta-tags,
  • Meta-descriptions,
  • Ensuring the site is kept secure from cyber-attacks,
  • Monthly back-ups of the site,
  • Plug-ins are kept up to date, reading and
  • Studying the Google Analytics data.

……….. and much more, ensuring that your website always operates to its full potential.

This management service is also available for your website even if we haven’t built it.

Also, with input from yourselves, we look after your social media, taking the time to see what kind of things you want posted, so it fits in with the image you want to project.

​More importantly, we also undertake all your SEO management ensuring that the keywords and phrases you want to be found for are constantly getting analysed and amended.

Brand 9 provides reports on;

  • Where your site is ranking in Google.
  • Key metrics including users of your site and page-views.
  • The top 10 places where traffic is coming from.

Our monthly web packages cost from just £22 per-month, per-page (+vat) to no more than £30 per-month, per-page (+vat) depending on the level of management you want.

To find out more about how Brand 9 can help you boost your business, please click on the red button below, complete the requested information and send.

We will then contact you for a no obligation assessment of your requirements.