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thriveprogramme-logo-new-rgb-webDoes your business suffer from staff absenteeism and or presenteeism?

If so, this is where Harland Consultancy can help by promoting Health, Wellbeing and Resilience in the work place.

My name is Pat Harland, and I have been working to promote Health, Wellbeing and Resilience in the workplace and in personal lives since 2004.

We can work together towards drastically reducing both staff absenteeism and presenteeism by improving the resilience, boosting the motivation and the mental/emotional wellbeing of your workforce.

This in turn would have the ‘knock-on’ effect of making your business more efficient by raising the quality and productivity of your emplyees, thereby increasing your profits.

Each year the cost of staff absenteeism and presenteeism to businesses across the UK is phenomenal. On average each employee takes 6.3 days off work due to sickness every year.

Stress related absences e.g. depression, anxiety, panic and mental ill health have increased over the last year.

A bigger problem to businesses is presenteeism – people turning up to work when they are struggling with either emotional or physical issues and problems and therefore not working to their full potential or capacity.

Presenteeism figures have increased during 2016.

Given that stress related absences and presenteeism are on the increase – especially amongst the higher paid and more responsible positions, it makes sense for companies and public services to invest in preventative measures, early detection and resolutions for the growing problem.

If your company, business or organisation is losing money due to sickness, illegitimate absences and/or presenteeism perhaps it’s time to look at different ways of improving that situation and I can provide that service for you.

Please feel free to get in touch to set up a meeting and I’ll explain how;

  • Your staff can learn how to achieve their full potential.
  • How we could work together.
  • What would be involved.

Let’s get your employees and therefore your company Thriving.

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