Sponsorship Opportunity

Postive sponsorship opportunity for Your Company

Would you like to be able to market your business and know that you are providing the potential to save lives at the same time?

Well now you can, by sponsoring oxygen equipment into schools, charities or voluntary organizations you can promote your business and know that you are providing a potentially life saving facility.

Details of the oxygen equipment are shown in this link Saving Lives

 Sponsorship Package
Cost £790.00 for a 3 year arrangement
Plaque in the school showing your company as sponsor
Social media promotion
First Aid course for 2 members of your staff
Possible press coverage (depending on availability)

YourOpportunities.net believes in ‘win win’  arrangements and we think this  sponsorship opportunity delivers on all levels.

Martin Eilbeck

If you’d like to know more about this positive marketing opportunity, please contact me Martin Eilbeck by completing the contact form below or phone me 07521 900560 and I’ll be pleased to provide you with further information.