Lifesaver Technology Ltd

Life Saving Technology for Your Business

Lifesaver Technology is providing businesses with a new way to help colleagues and customers when an accident or emergency occurs.

By providing a unique piece of life saving equipment and first aid your site can offer improved care while waiting for the professionals.

Lifesaver Technology
 can ensure that your business is prepared for that life saving emergency. Also,  due to the structure of our package there is normally a reduction in your operational costs in the process.

Giving oxygen to a casualty after an accident or sudden illness can enhance the likelihood of a better outcome, paramedics use it all the time. Until now this procedure has involved a lot of extra training and responsibility, but Lifesaver Technology has designed equipment that anyone can safely use.

By administering oxygen via our safe and simple to use Lifesaver Technology Emergency Equipment along with basic first aid techniques, the benefits to the casualty can be literally lifesaving.

We can train any of your staff to use our equipment; they are not even required to be first-aiders.

The Lifesaver Technology Oxygen Equipment is an undeniably essential piece of emergency first aid equipment for any business serious about the welfare of their clients and staff.

The Lifesaver Technology Oxygen Units are wall mountable, lightweight and easily portable for carrying to a medical emergency. They have a pre-set, safe to use flow rate and a one way CPR mask to ensure safe resuscitation for the casualty and rescuer. With a simple on/off control lever, the unit is ready to use the moment an accident or emergency occurs.

Our lifesaving oxygen equipment can be obtained for a small and affordable annual outlay (less than most mobile phone contracts!).
FREE certificated first aid training and a servicing package are also included.

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