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Nicoll Financial Solutions (NFS) is a full member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), and a totally independent broker.

We never charge up-front fees for arranging finance, and our principal Nigel Nicoll (who will always deal with your requirements personally) is a chartered accountant with many years of financial management experience.
We provide financial services in three main areas:-
Commercial finance
Business planning
Tax recoveries relating to commercial property

Commercial Finance

It is unfortunately a fact of life that the clearing banks are not proving helpful to either business owners looking for finance in order to grow their businesses, or private individuals looking to get into business for the first time.

NFS can advise on and arrange both loan and equity finance, and takes the view that being turned down by a bank is not the end; it’s the beginning of the process. Examples of loan finance would include commercial mortgages, bridging loans, invoice based finance, asset finance and re-finance, EFGS loans, secured/unsecured loans, equity release, loans against assets, and pension scheme loans.

Business Planning

Any funding application, for either loan or equity finance, will require a business plan in order to satisfy the prospective lender/investor that he/she is making an informed decision about the prospects for the business. For small loan applications this may be on a one page document or in the principal’s head, but it is more normal for a properly structured document, normally looking up to 3 years ahead, to be prepared – this will contain both extensive narrative and detailed financial projections.

NFS is highly experienced in business planning, working with business principals to turn their ‘dreams’ into black & white. As part of the process NFS challenges the key assumptions, ensuring that the quality of thought in the plan is of the highest calibre, and making sure issues have been covered/corrected prior to the funder seeing the plan.

Tax Recoveries Relating to Commercial Property

All commercial property has plant & machinery embedded within it, however most professional accountants are unaware that the property owners can claim the depreciation (capital allowances) of these items against their taxable profits.
Tax reductions can be HUGE, and NFS progresses these claims at no financial risk to the property owner  as ‘fees are on a success only basis, so no recovery (which is extremely unusual) no fee’

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