Global Management Platform

Uncomplicated Ready To Use CRM Tools

Are your business systems as productive and efficient as they can be?

If not, your business would save time and money by using our online CRM system.

Global Management Platform (GMP) is a leading software development company that helps businesses work smarter and be more productive.

Our system makes it simple and easy to manage all the administration, sales, communications and data needs of a modern business.

You can manage your customer, leads, activity and products with one powerful online system.

Watch our video for an overview of our system.  Click Here: CRM OVERVIEW

The GMP system keeps everything in one place and accessible anywhere in the world by using our real-time cloud technology and maximum security data centres.

Benefits of using GMP in your business:

    • Speed up business administration by integrating multiple systems and work streams into a single online platform
    • Centralise all areas of business administration into one program, enabling you can access it from any device with an internet connection
    • Save time and money by automating essential admin tasks
    • Deliver peace of mind from knowing your data is stored in secure data centres and being backed up real-time in the cloud
    • Provide the data you need when and where you need it
    • Release the time and energy your staff need to make sales and grow your business
    • Deliver expert customer support and training, in person and remotely, through workshops, webinars and quarterly client check ups
    • Equip your team with all the skills needed to unlock the full power and functionality of GMP Software

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