An exciting new revenue stream for your business

fonebox-logo-smallFonebox is an innovative new mobile phone charging service that will make your business more popular, make your customers happier and make you more money.

With so many people glued to their smartphones all day for everything from Facebook to checking their bank balance, battery life has become a major problem. And if your phone is going to run out of power, you can guarantee it will happen just when you need it most.

That’s where Fonebox comes in…

Fonebox is an exciting new way to charge your mobile phone when you are out and about, offering fast, safe and secure charging at a range of venues, from bars and restaurants to cinemas and shopping centres.

Fonebox charging stations look sleek and smart, and they’re so simple to use, charging phones fast while your customers enjoy a drink, do some shopping or take in the latest blockbuster. They’re great for your customers, and they’re also great for your business too…

The business benefits of Fonebox

Installing a Fonebox mobile phone charging station brings so many benefits for your business…

  • Increased footfall – customers will come to your business to use your phone charging station
  • Increased dwell time – customers will spend longer at your business while their mobile phone charges
  • Increased spend – spending more time means spending more money too, on food and drinks, shopping etc.
  • Added value – customers will appreciate the extra service you’ve provided for them and feel better about your business
  • Point of difference – having a Fonebox phone charging station means customers will choose you over your competition
  • Direct revenue – your business will also make money from the Fonebox itself, both from the charging fees and the on-screen advertising

Fonebox Features

6 secure mobile phone charging lockers – for most mobile phone and portable charging devices

Large 22″ screen – can display static advertising or interactive video advertisings with real time remote media management

Remote management – Access in real time to keep all advertising, promo material and gamification current to campaign.

IBeacon technology – to engage customers on they’re mobile and display screen personal messaging i.e. sending E-vouchers direct to customers phones or direct advertising for venue.

RFID reader – for phone locker access using RFID tokens and bank cards as your unique ID, great for Events and conferences.

Wi-Fi hotspot – for broadband access and messaging

Facial recognition camera – to enable better-targeted advertising and footfall analysis.

Programmable to collect user data – and interaction through direct collection, surveys and gamification. E.g. Send a friend a sample product.


Conference Organisers – Rent or own your own mobile phone charging units. Earn additional revenue from sponsorship and provide a highly value service at your events for your customers, easy to install and manage.


Use Foneboxes for your brand activations. Position them at venues or events to get you brand notice and engage with your target audience whilst providing a highly valued service.


Provide a much-valued service. Increase dwell time. Secure additional revenue from targeted advertising. Use the screen to keep customers informed on new offers, up and coming events or ask them to take a quick survey to understand your customer’s needs.

Digital Advertising Agencies

Achieve better measurable results from you digital display advertising by having an interactive digital phone charger that attracts attention from passers by distinguishing it from the myriad of digital displays. Collect user data for further analysis and follow up.

Your Fonebox your way

You can get a Fonebox for your premises right now on whatever terms suit your business best.

Please contact The Fonebox team by clicking on the red button below, completing the brief details and send.

We’ll then contact you to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.