Fluke Photography

The best way to capture the action ... is to be part of it!


Ask a room full of people ‘hands up – who likes having their photo taken?’ and I bet most hands stay firmly on laps or under tables. Imagine having your photograph taken and you’re looking back at the photographs from the day – not only are you are happy with the photos, you remember the photographer putting you at ease and most of all, it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. This is how I can help you feel!

If you’re booking me for your corporate event, private party or having me share your wedding day – I won’t take you away from the action, stop you from having fun or steal you from your guests. I’ll be there with you, making sure I get all the good bits whilst they’re going on!
If you’re hiring me to put a friendly face to a company profile with a headshot, promotional or press pic – I can take my time to help you feel comfortable and enjoy a stress free photography experience.

By contacting Marie-Claire at FlukePhotography, viaYourOpportunities.net you will receive the extra benefit of some free prints from your booking.

So contact me now for a no obligation chat, and meeting in person or online, if you’d like one, by clicking on the red button below and submitting the short enquiry form.