C.H.I. Talent Assessment Ltd

Hepling You Choose the Right Employees for Your Business

How do you decide which candidate is the best one for the job?

This is a problem that faces many businesses and one which C.H.I. Talent Assessment Ltd can help with, saving you from making that expensive mistake.

With the use of validated psychometrics (aptitude testing and personality) and by improving the quality of your interviewing, we help you to make better selection decisions and find the best candidate and the right fit for your business.

We also specialise in the measurement of Employee Psychological Wellbeing and the design of personalised, effective solutions to facilitate improvements.

By bringing an evidence based, personalised services, we provide solutions that ensure our clients acquire and keep the best candidate/s av ailable.

We’re so confident that our services will help you that we’re happy to provide you with a FREE initial assessment.

We will provide a psychometric assessment and analysis of your Employees’ Wellbeing FREE of charge, and can then develop short and long-term solutions to remedy any issues.
For example, if the assessment shows that there is perceived to be a lack of promotion opportunities relative to other typical organisations in their sector, the report will show this.

We then work with you to address any issues in a cost and time effective way, and can then redistribute the questionnaire down the line to see if there have been any improvements.

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We’ll then contact you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange your FREE, no obligation employee wellbeing assessment