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Welcome to Benchmark Business Development, we can help you take your business to the next level and then keep it moving forward.

Hello, I’m Ian Meyer, MD of Benchmark and I’ve worked with a range of multi-national and national organisations, as well as many SMEs for over 30 years, utilising my sales and  development experience to help improve their businesses.

I believe in agreeing strategies and then getting them put into practice! Not just setting them up and then leaving the client to it! I think that would be failure on my part.

Some business coaches seem to think that just by creating strategies and leaving them with the client, the job is done. The problem then is that the strategies often sit on the shelf and never get looked at again.

So, I will not only help you create your strategies,  but will also help you put them to practical use ……… improve your business……………..increase your profits!

I am a registered and approved Business Coach with Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership’s New Markets 2 Programme, Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub and a mentor with both Wirral and Liverpool Chambers of Commerce.

I work closely with business owners, Directors and Senior Management to help them;
Identify and overcome barriers to growth 
Create realistic growth strategies 
Develop robust sales and business development plans
Make the business investment-ready.

Also, as an extra benefit for contacting us via, we’re pleased to offer you an hour, at no cost, to discuss your requirements and look at how your business can benefit.

Why not get in touch and find out how we can work together and improve your business. You won’t regret it, I promise! Just click on the red button below and submit the brief enquiry form, and I will contact you.