Hello, and welcome, to “Your Opportunities.net”, the website that will provide you with easy access to a range of reliable business partners and service providers that will add real value to your business and help to make it #EvenBetter .

In addition, my site will also help you identify and access great networking events.

Google Photo 2 largeI’m Martin Eilbeck and during my 38 year career in the world of insurance, it was a key part of my job to assess people and decide whether they were trustworthy and decent, i.e. whether they were good people to do business with, or not.
Let’s face it, success in business is based on enduring partnerships that rely on trust.
Having left the world of insurance in 2011 and setting up my own business I’ve met a great many business people and had the chance to assess them in the same way.
I am now pleased to utilise my knowledge and skills to help other businesses, by pointing them in the direction of some great business partners that could be of help to them by making their businesses more efficient and providing them with opportunities that they may not have thought about.
I have personally met representatives of each of the businesses in the “Business Partner” section of the site and found them to provide high quality, customer–focused services that can make positive differences to other businesses.
Their representation in the “Business Partner” site will continue to be monitored and we encourage both positive and negative feedback to ensure the highest quality is maintained

I’m confident that you will find business partners that will benefit your business, so please take a few minutes to take a look around the site.

I can confirm that in the first instance, they will each be happy to have a no obligation discussion with you.

If you would like to consider having your business listed on the site, please contact me, Martin Eilbeck, for a no obligation chat, via our Contact page.